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                      Polyethylene wax (PE wax) in the industry

                            Polyethylene wax as one of the industry's indispensable raw materials, ink, color masterbatch, paint, hot sol, rubber and other industries widely used, the following brief description of the technical indicators of polyethylene wax. - Overview
                            Polyethylene wax and polyethylene similar to the chemical properties and excellent electrical properties, but also the characteristics of wax, with high melting point, hardness, low melting point viscosity, processing flow characteristics of good features. Products are white flakes or powder, tasteless, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and plastic, rubber, paraffin, ink blending has excellent lubricity and compatibility, is an excellent processing aids. Widely used in ink, Color Masterbatch, paint, hot sol, rubber and plastics processing industries.

                      First, the main purpose
                      ● Masterbatch
                      As a pigment dispersant and as a lubricant, as a smoothing agent. Polyethylene wax and a variety of additives have a strong affinity, and a variety of resins have good compatibility. PE wax is coated around the pigment to prevent agglomeration and agglomeration of the pigment particles to form a fine, stable sol, evenly distributed in the resin. And PE wax high melting point, low melt viscosity, thereby improving the flowability of the masterbatch and thermal stability. Dosage can be 5-40%, suitable for a variety of color masterbatch.
                      ● Rubber and plastic processing
                      As a lubricant, release agent and phase solvent.
                      PE wax and PE, PP, PVC, ABS, AS, PC, rubber and other good compatibility, because of its high melting point low viscosity, to promote resin flow is good, the relative reduction in resin consumption of mixed consumption, reducing resin and mold Adhesion, easy stripping, play the role of lubrication inside and outside. At the same time as a pigment dispersant and has a good anti-static.
                      1, in the PVC processing, foreign as a highly efficient lubricant, wrapping agent, pigment dispersant, adding 1%, can improve the processing capacity of PVC processing 10-15%; in the PVC hard products processing by adding 0.1%, equivalent to Add 3% of the role of other lubricants. The use of PE wax, can reduce the torque, improve thermal stability, reduce the processing of PVC decomposition. In order not to damage the transparency of the product, the dosage is preferably 0.5% or less
                      2, ABS, PS processing, adding about 0.5%.
                      3, rubber processing can be lubricants, fillers, plasticizers.
                      ● Ink
                      As a dispersant, anti-abrasion agent.
                      As the PE wax has a good lubricity and brightness, the pigment is also a good dispersion, it is widely used in ink processing, improve ink abrasion resistance and brightness. When used in the first dissolved in the heating of white oil and other solvents. The general dosage is 0.5-2%.
                      Hot melt adhesive
                      As a good viscosity modifier.
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