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                      Wax emulsion
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                      Wax emulsion

                      Wax emulsion

                      Details :

                      1.Technical index:
                      1. Appearance:White Emulsion or brown translucent liquid
                      2. Solid Content:20%±0.5;30%±1;40%±1;or follwoing your demand
                      3. pH:7-8
                      4. Property: This product is nontoxic, odorless, noncorrosive nonionic emulsion, freely soluble in water with good acid resistance, base resistance, electrolysis resistance, soluble in resin, not easily stratified and cohered. This emulsion has constant composition and good chemical stability, capable of being kept on a long-term basis without stratification.

                      2. Use and Use Range
                      1. Mainly used in textile industry as softening agent and starching agent, applicable to the finishing of polyester/cotton, viscose(nitrile), cotton fabric, pure chemical fiber fabric and resin finishing. It is capable of evenly penetrating onto the surface of yarn of textile products, forming an oxidized polyethylene membrane around the yarn. Therefore, it enables the finished fabric to have the handle of softness and smoothness. Moreover, it can improve the physical performances of fabrics, such as elasticity, wear resistance, strength as well as sewing performance.
                      2. The solid content of this emulsion reaches 30%—50% and it is widely applicable to the manufacture of aqueous printing ink, liquid shoe shoeshine, metal demolding agent etc
                      3. Used in artificial board; in the manufacture of fiber board etc., it can be used in place of paraffin water-resistant agent to greatly decrease cost.
                      4.In the papermaking industry, it can be used in place of rosin size, capable of improving paper quality and decreasing manufacturing cost.

                      5. In agriculture, it can keep fruits and vegetables fresh and prevent fruits and vegetables from the harmful effects of dryness, freezing and the scorching of sunlight. Moreover, it can be used to prolong the life of flowers.
                      6.It can be used as lubricating agent in the manufacture of ceramics as well as glazing agent for plastic products and automobiles.

                      7. demolding agent of polyurethane and other industries

                      8. used in leather pasting and decoration; it can be used as leveling agent of textile, and used in the anti-adhesion of coating

                      9. used as softener and sizing agent of textile, it can be used in cotton, o\polyester, chemical fiber. It can penetrate into yarn and form a film covering the surface of yarn. it can improve the yarn's properties and improve its habd feeling.

                      The product is made from cosmetic materials without irritating effects on human eyes and skins, and therefore is safe, inexpensive and practical.

                      Note :has different specifications according to customers’ application fields.

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